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nRoute is a composite application framework for creating navigation driven applications in Silverlight, WPF, Windows Phone, and WinRT.

26 Jun 2012 New Logo
New logo along with support for WinRT, Silverlight 5, and WP 7.1SDK.


17 Mar 11 Creating Silverlight Applications using nRoute Series by John Thiriet

Part 5: nRoute – Reverse commands

Part 4: nRoute – Passing parameters to commands

Part 3: nRoute – Introduction to the creation and the usage of commands

Part 2: nRoute – MVVM basics

Part 1: Introduction to the nRoute Framework

5 Feb 11 - UPCOMING FEATURE: Application Tombstoning and Cascading State Management!topic/nroute/nnitHI4DnfI

3 Feb 11 - UPCOMING FEATURE: Channel Triggers

29 Jan 11 - UPCOMING FEATURE: View Participation in the Navigation Lifecycle

25 Jan 11 - UPCOMING FEATURE: View-specific Navigation State support with Navigation Containers

19 Jan 11 - UPCOMING FEATURE: Bindable and Dynamic ApplicationBar for WP7

18 Jan 11 - UPCOMING FEATURE: Status Control
Introducing a MVVM-ready status viewer control..

13 Jan 11 - UPCOMING FEATURE: ContentControlNavigationAdapte rBehavior and PanelNavigationAdapterBehavior
Turn any content-control or panel into a navigating container..

12 Jan 11 - UPCOMING FEATURE: Wait Indicator Control
Introducing a MVVM-ready wait indicator control..

11 Jan 11 - Started a forum to discuss the development of nRoute
We've started a new forum to discuss the design, development, and features of nRoute framework - join us if you are interested in either influencing or knowing about the future direction of nRoute.

10 Jan 11 Updated nRoute 0.4.5 (to v0.4.5.100) with some bug fixes and updates for WP7
- Also many of the sample projects are now available in the repository, see the "nRoute4.5_Samples" folder

13 Sept 10 NEW Blogged: Database Driven Application Composition using nRoute


Blog Post at

18 Aug 10 Powered by NDepend
The good people at NDepend are graciously sponsoring nRoute with their powerful toolset to better visualize, measure, and improve nRoute's code quality.


27 Jul 10 Created Documentation Outline
Documentation coming soon.

20 Jul 10 Posted nRoute Templates on Visual Studio Gallery


Included are SL 4, WPF 4.0 and WP7 (Beta) Project and Item Templates.
Note, Navigation Projects target nRoute Framework and Application Projects target nRoute Toolkit.
Download from

19 Jul 10 Blogged - Square Away: A Windows Phone 7 Game using nRoute


View the app running at
Blog Post at

12 Jul 10 Blogged: Creating a Netflix App using nRoute again: Now in WPF


View the app at
and Blog Post at

30 Jun 10 Blogged - Creating a Netflix App using nRoute: A Step-by-Step Guide


View the app at
and Blog Post at

30 Jun 10 UPDATED nRoute Framework and nRoute Toolkit Release
Updated the dlls by compiling against the Blend 4 RTM SDK (for Silverlight and WPF)

19 May 10 Updated 7 sample apps to the latest release of nRoute


Read more about it here

4 May 10 Updated Release 0.4.5 to also Target WP7 with April Refresh

Updated version 0.4.5 release dlls and source-code to target WP7.

29 Apr 10 nROUTE 0.4.5 Released

The new version targets Silverlight 4 and WPF on .NET 4. Also updated is binding support and inclusion of a predefined xml-namespace for much of nRoute's functionality.
Read more here

15 Apr 10 New Release of nROUTE - New and Updated Features

  • Multi-Platform Support - targets Silverlight, WPF, and Windows Phone 7
  • Introduces asynchronous Routing and Navigation
  • Introduces support for Globally Registered Navigation Containers
  • Introduces "StatefulBrowsing" Navigation Container
  • Introduces Navigation Adapters
  • Adds new Navigation Container Behaviors
  • Adds support for Error Pages, including custom Error Pages
  • Introduces support for MVC-style Controllers (replaces Url-based Actions)
  • Introduces SiteMaps concept
  • Introduces SiteAreas concept
  • Introduces extensible Dependency Injection (DI)
  • Introduces extensible Locator Adapters for Higher-Order Dependencies
  • Introduces Dependency Recomposition Support
  • Introduces Private Observable Channels
  • Features significant updates to Observable Channels, including compatibility with Rx-Framework
  • Updates ICommand Infrastructure, adds support for passing EventArg's to ViewModel
  • Adds three-sets of new Behaviors - UpdateBindingExplicitlyAction, SetFocusAction and Bool/NullValueDisableBehavior

Full details at

14 Apr 10 nROUTE 0.4 released - for Silverlight, WPF and Windows Phone 7


View Officer Xcel Demo App at, source code is available
New release includes both the Full Framework (nRoute.Framework) and the Toolkit Version (nRoute.Toolkit)

12 Feb 10 Blogged: nRoute's IObservable based Messaging Broker for Silverlight

23 Jan 10 Blogged: iPhone Sudoku in Silverlight using MVVM


View the app at
and Blog Post at

7 Jan 10 Blogged about Reverse ICommands for MVVM


Sample app at also the source is also available on Codeplex
Blog Post at

4 Jan 10 Blogged about nRoute Resource Locator Framework


Sample app at also the source is also available on Codeplex
Blog Post Part I at
Blog Post Part II at

28 Dec 09 Created a Silverlight Console project using nRoute.Toolkit


View the console sample app here
Download Source-Code and Sample App from

23 Dec 09 Released nRoute.Toolkit 0.3, with Source Code

12 Nov 09 Blogged about doing "pseudo multi-binding" in Silverlight using relays

04 Nov 09 Blogged about using ICommands with nRoute.Toolkit, including how to define commands, declare its dependencies, consume in Blend with a behavior, manage the commanding control's state, and use relay commands with DataTemplates.

23 Oct 09 Web Xcel Demo for ViewServices


View this demo app here
Full details at

29 Sept 09 nRoute.Toolkit Preview Release
nRoute Toolkit is a stand-alone packaging of some components from the next drop of nRoute – it features Bindable Dependency Objects, Bindable Triggers, Actions and Behaviours for Blend, an IObservable-based Messaging Framework, a Resource Locator Framework, Module Components, Service Components, ViewModel Components, ViewService Components, Weak Eventing Handlers, ICommands implementations, ICommand extensions, Relays and a number other bit and pieces useful for MVVM style development.

Introduction to nRoute.Toolkit Part 1.
Introduction to nRoute.Toolkit Part 2.

29 July 09 Blogged about some ideas about weak eventing & listening for nRoute
26 July 09 Moved my blog site from to
24 July 09 Updated the source code for "Office® 2010" Demo App for SL3 RTW version.
22 May 09 Step into nRoute "Office® 2010" Demo App
15 May 09 nRoute Containers: It holds the Magic

For a quick start navigate to
and for some templates to start off

1. Officer 2010 Demo App (screenshot below), view here


To read more about this demo application visit
and for a technical overview view

2. Future Desktop Demo App (screenshot below), view here


To read more about the demo application visit
and for a detailed technical overview view

3. I've got couple of posts up on my blog, that provide a semi-structured form of documentation.

nRoute and nRoute.Toolkit Related

nRoute Related
3. Obsolete

For more details visit

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