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Please clear my confusion :-)

Jan 27, 2011 at 11:41 PM


As a friend was talking about nRoute in his emails, I also noticed he was also referring to the "Next Generation" of nRoute. At Codeplex, I see the version being 0.4.x, which is not even version 1.0 yet. However, I also read on a Google group that there is another version in the works.

So, here is my concern, confusion regarding using nRoute for SL desktop (not WP7 yet) development:

a) Is this version 0.4.x the end of this product and another one is coming out?

b) or is the next gen mainly for WP7 or for both?

It would be great to have an outline where everything is, so we can plan accordingly.

Thank you in advance!

Jan 28, 2011 at 11:09 AM

Hi Ben, let me help you with your confusion. In the repository you'll find three versions of nRoute v0.4, 0.4.5 and v0.5. 

- v0.4 is the about the same as v0.4.5 except it targets Silverlight 3 and WPF 3.5
- v0.4.5 is the current stable and recommended release and it targets Silverlight 4, WPF 4, and WP7
- v0.5 is the version I'm currently developing, i.e. it's the next release or upcoming release

Now, v0.5 directly builds upon and refines the v0.4.5 release, so it's not an end of line rather a continuation. Also, the next release will update all the three platforms, but it does have significant emphasis on WP7 and LOB application functionality. 

All the same, if you interested in targeting WP7 then the next release is pivotal as it corrects a major shortcoming with the current release; the shortcoming being that in that current release nRoute's navigation framework doesn't play nice at the root level, because of how WP7 is setup. However, if you don't need to use nRoute's navigation framework then current release will work quite well, especially as it overcomes SL3's binding shortcomings. 

Lastly, I'll follow up a more detailed blog post with a outline and better guidance.


PS: I've not a been in a rush to declare a v1, but be assured nRoute has been remarkable stable and problem-free over the past one year

Jan 28, 2011 at 11:22 AM

Thank you Rishi for clear answer. I'm much more comfortable with your answer and direction, than the way it was rumored (as if 0.4.5 was being discontinued and a new version starting. Made me nervous).

Now, my next big challenge is to convince companies to accept nRoute as a framework rather than Prism 4. I had three contract jobs offer this week, that they ALL required Prism 4 and RIA services as requirement. Most companies will not accept, open source or free software or "Homemade" toolkits (no disrespect to your product, just conveying the message, I heard this week). This is a major challenge. Any thoughts/comments/arguments would be welcomed.

Thank you Sir!

Jan 31, 2011 at 10:49 AM

Well, Ben I can sympathize with your challenge - companies tend to be very conservative, quite just like the old saying that notes "nobody ever got fired for purchasing an IBM". 

Maybe one that might help is having a catalog of apps done with nRoute (with testimonials), I suppose that might help convince upper management. I'll try to get that organized. I've got some good examples, like the current project I'm working - it's a call-center engine, done entirely with nRoute. In it we handle tens of thousands of calls per day (per center), and these calls are handled in real real-time - so like when a call comes in within a fraction of second we visualize a script, and each script-question follows a different tree path. All this is handled/composed with nRoute, specifically using navigation - and it's scaling beautifully. Plus, I know some other people have done some incredible projects with it - so the evidence is out there :)


Jan 31, 2011 at 3:19 PM

Hey Rishi, what a great idea of having a catalog of apps or case studies. I think this "Conservative" attitude comes from lack of knowledge of other products. To them, it's then safer bet to blame MSFT than a smaller company :-)

However, your own project seems to be an awesome case study to showcase how to go about building a modular app using nRoute. I think this is what's missing. There are just too many ways to build modular apps and very little guidance. Docs take lots of time, but it's very essential for the life a product.

I'll become more involved once the 0.5 come out.

Thanks for the reply and stay with it...