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Errors experienced when creating a WPF Navigation Application


Hey Rishi
I really like the concepts brought forward with nRoute
Unfortunately I am experiencing a few issues (which might be due to user error).
  1. VS2010 keeps moaning about the section in xaml
        <n:nRouteApplicationService.SiteMapProvider> .......
    giving an error of "Cannot create an instance of IList". This does not stop the application from running but it irks me :) can this be solved and do you know why it happens?
  2. I am trying to create a WPF application based on the menu\interface design of your Officer exel silverlight app and for the life of me i do not understand why the images in defined by the IconPath are not displaying. They display on the silverlight app but a cannot get the images to display for the navigation nodes in the ListBox. Is this a known issue or am i doing something wrong?
    Regards and thanks,
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Duplicate issue - another issue with design time problems already exists.


Orktane wrote Oct 1, 2010 at 12:38 PM

Hi Armand, the IList is a designer issue internal to VS - though I understand it could be alleviated by using fully qualified xmlns, so rather than xmlns:n="http://nRoute/schemas/2010/xaml" try using a namespace-dll paired xmlns. Secondly, about the icons, well there are many such subtle differences in WPF and SL - without looking at the xaml itself, I can suggest either use a component qualified Url or try using a custom value converter.


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