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XAP InitializeOnLoad=True doesn't work with popup


I have created the following extension to allow me to display views within the RadWindow control (Telerik): RadWindowNavigationAdapterBehavior
    : NavigationAdapterBehaviorBase<RadWindow>
This works fine if I reference the XAPs within the Shell peoject. However If I try and use the following within the Shell App.Xaml
<n:SiteArea Key="ChartConfig" RemoteUrl="<XAP TO LOAD>.XAP" InitializeOnLoad="True"/>
I get a stack overflow on Content property within RadWindowNavigationAdapterBehavior.
    public override object Content
        get {
            return this.Content;
I should point out that If I use InitializeOnLoad="False" then everything works ok.
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Settings issue, refer to comments.


Orktane wrote Nov 8, 2010 at 7:07 PM

Well, it seems to me that your xap might have a dependency that might not be resolved when trying to load it when initializing the app itself - the order in which they are loaded is important to Silverlight. However, you can declare dependencies to any SiteArea (see, and nRoute's runtime will ensure they are resolved prior to loading the xap.

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