XAP InitializeOnLoad=True doesn't work with popup


I have created the following extension to allow me to display views within the RadWindow control (Telerik): RadWindowNavigationAdapterBehavior
    : NavigationAdapterBehaviorBase<RadWindow>
This works fine if I reference the XAPs within the Shell peoject. However If I try and use the following within the Shell App.Xaml
<n:SiteArea Key="ChartConfig" RemoteUrl="<XAP TO LOAD>.XAP" InitializeOnLoad="True"/>
I get a stack overflow on Content property within RadWindowNavigationAdapterBehavior.
    public override object Content
        get {
            return this.Content;
I should point out that If I use InitializeOnLoad="False" then everything works ok.
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Settings issue, refer to comments.


Orktane wrote Nov 8, 2010 at 7:07 PM

Well, it seems to me that your xap might have a dependency that might not be resolved when trying to load it when initializing the app itself - the order in which they are loaded is important to Silverlight. However, you can declare dependencies to any SiteArea (see http://www.orktane.com/Blog/post/2010/04/28/nRoute-More-Wholesomeness-with-SL-4-and-NET-40.aspx), and nRoute's runtime will ensure they are resolved prior to loading the xap.

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